Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life Update

Well, I am getting slowly settled into my new job as Support Staff at the Odyssey House. I will be doing my first graveyard shift which is a little over whelming because I have NO idea how I am going to stay up from 9pm - 9am but I figure a whole pitcher of Ice Coffee might help my case :) As for the job itself I had my first Staff Meeting/Training and got to meet a lot of the staff that I will be working with. Everyone seems really nice and I can not wait to start getting to know everyone better. As for myself, I am still trying to learn all the terms and structure of the Odyssey House. I swear they have their very own language! I have started making posters with the terms to hang all over my room so maybe it will sink in.
Megan and I took a walk to the new house (I don't have pictures I just thought about it...some will come I promise) and it takes me just as long to get to the new house as it does to get to the one downtown. I walk more but it will whip me into shape...though come this winter I might be investing in a Bus Pass.

Boone is doing well. He is growing up real nice...can be left in my room for extended periods of time and has not touch a thing. Which for many of you might not know is a HUGE advance in his maturity! A little background story for you...When I first moved to Utah at the end of last August I left Boone for about a little over an hour. I had one couch and on that couch was the phone book....the only thing around. I come home to only the white pages ripped out and he had made a little nest out of them. As mad at him as I was at least it was not the yellow pages :) But these days I can leave him in my room which has papers, books, wires, blankets...and all sorts of things that he could get into and he does not touch any of them! I love my boy very much and he is loving his new friend Decaf.

Decaf is one of the 2 new kittens my house hold has inquired. I love the both Decaf and Latte very much. Decaf has taken more of a liking to me...officially making him my kitten. He has put Boone in his place by bouncing all over him, rubbing, and licking him. Boone is doing very well. He will even cuddle with the guy when he thinks I am not paying attention.

Life is on a well need up swing and I am so thankful of the things my life has received and the people who have supported me through this hard time. Good Night for now...have a great Sunday everyone :)