Saturday, June 12, 2010

Silly Things :)

Just some silly photos of the pooch. We are doing good! He loves having Paris homes and is just thrilled to see her every single time she comes out of Megan's room! I will be posting photos of the two of them soon. Their first meeting went well. He growled once thinking it was someone else. Then he realized that it was her and wouldn't leave her side...he would just follow her around and sniff her. He loves her so much! He is a silly that Paris is home he seems to tolerate all of the other pooches in the house. Well Enjoy!

Boone and I chilling on the couch. Nothing makes him more happy then Mom willing to hold his bone while he chews on it : )

Align Center

Boone on my bed...which these days he thinks its his bed. We have been getting loads of Rain and winds which he is NOT a fan of and will come lie down next to me and shake.

Boone chilling on the couch! I swear my dog loves being in the weirdest positions possible....he did this all by himself!

Megan and Boone being silly like always :)

Boone looking like I am torturing just so I can get a photo of Christina and Himself.