Sunday, May 30, 2010

A New....


Yes, It is true. I have officially started a new blog for everything related to Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Please follow the below link:


My current blog will still remain active. It will be more centered around my personal pet dog BOONE and the adventures we share.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Anything and Everything

Well, I must say it has been a little while since my last post so here is kind of an everything that has happened in the past few weeks. Megan and I are settled in nicely at our new apartment, Boone is doing just fine with the transition, and I have started puppy sitting for GDB (Guide Dogs for the Blind).

After our hike on the Jordan/Provo River Walkway...he grabbed his pheasant so he could curl up with it.

Boone in the Grass

This is one of my favorites! He just looks so goofy and cute :)

He was memorized by the river!

In really tall grass :)

In fun tall white flowers...they did not look as tall until I placed him in them!

There are these really cool tree and fields across the street from us. there is a lot of tall grass along this walk way and I just couldn't resist setting him up for all these fun pictures!

So, The next few pictures are of Breeze. A 10 Week puppy that I puppy sat for GDB. She is the cutest thing and I had so much fun watching her!

Here are pictures from my first puppy sitting gig...MEADE! I was such a great experience and I am going to miss him so much when he goes back to formal training!

I love this photo...Meade and Boone where playing and I caught this very moment when Boone has all of Meade's Nose in his mouth!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Food Allergies!

So, my friend Megan's sister has a cute little baby that has very serious food allergies. She is doing a give away on her blog and for the week I need to post information about food allergies to get entries in! So here is some basic information and as the week progresses I hope to be able to post more and more information that I learn about food allergies!

Here is a great webste that you can learn about the 8 most common food allergies!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Good-Bye To Paris!

Well, Paris will be leaving Sunday so here are a handful of my favorite photo's. This dog has been a good part of my life and I feel like it was such an honor to meet a dog like this. I am sad to see her go and I can never imagine what Megan is about to go through giving her up to go to college. This dog is one of a kind, perfect, fun, silly, energetic, hard working, and very loving. I have very high hopes that this girl will make it as a guide because she loves to work so much...I swear it is programed into her!
She has tested my skills being the stubborn dog that she is and I am very glad to say that I possible have her respect these days :) Her devotion to her mother is so amazing...I am only starting to get that same devotion with my own (pet) dog!
She has been WONDERS for my dog. Boone is going to miss her soooo much. He is going to be so confused without her. My dog is very particular in who he lets close to him and he has liked her from day one. Paris has broken and eatten my dogs shy shell. He is getting tougher in his playing to keep up with the lab skills (though he still knows that bed is safety and every now and again will get up there to get a break from her :) )
I know I will cry when I say good-bye on sunday and experience a small part of what it will be like to give a dog away! I wish her the best of luck and I will wait with such hope and anticipation to hear from Megan how she is doing! Good Luck Paris, you are loved by many and we are all rooting for you! Hugs and Kisses, your friend Gabby and Boone :)

Close up of the silly girl!

Paris and Boone both in the front seat after we filled Megan's car with free kitchen items!

Megan, Paris, and Boone all cuddling in the hangy chair.

Boone and Paris's first winter, I think they might like it:) They would carry sticks around each holding onto it and just run in circles!

Paris and Boone playing rough and tough!

Paris and I cuddling.

Bridal Vail Falls Hike

Megan and I went to Bridal Vail Falls for Paris's last hike with us. Boone loves hiking and being in the outdoors just like Mom. I hope you all enjoy the photos :)

Boone was trying to tell Megan to drive faster by whinning the whole way there. Where Paris currled up next to him and fell asleep!

Boone refused to sit and so this was produced which is my favorite photo of the whole hike!

Boone and the falls :)

It was still very icey at the top and the plants and rocks were still covered in ice.

The Falls!

Paris and The Falls :)

Boone would lie down but not sit :) Silly Dog!

Boone got very scaried when I put him on this rock. I think it made him realize how high he actually was...poor guy :)

This was on the hike in and out and on the way out I decided I wanted a picture but he was down actually looking at the camera.

Finally, got a picture where he was actually looking at only took like 10 trys :)
Had so much fun and so did the dogs. They slept like babies and my poor guy got up the next morning and whined when he streched. I felt so bad but he is in much better shape now....he just needs to get back into summer hiking mode!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Search and Recure Runs with Sara and Hugo

Sara invited Megan and I out to do some search and rescue runs in Rock Canyon. These are some fun pictures we took of a very great work dog and happy dog!

Ok, Finally its here: Oregon Road Trip Photos!

Well, here it is! I hope you enjoy all the photos. It starts off with the trip up. Then meeting Fuller and his Partner, then graduation, then we hung out with Fuller and his partner and took a bunch of fun photos. Then it ends with the trip back. The whole trip was amazing and so much fun! I love oregon and its wonderful greens!

These sign/maps were all over and some of them got very confusing....they cracked us up!

It's offical...I could be blind because they have the Rolling Stones in Braille!

Graduation....Sorry there are not more but it was inside and the photos came out kind of funky.
Fun Photo's Taken after the Graduation!

Fuller's Partner and her trainer.

Boots for escalators and cold weather.

Cool map of the campus.

Saying Goodbye : (

We had to walk under the train tracks! It was the closest I have ever been to a was so fun but kinda scary!

Megan and Paris

Paris in front of the falls :)

Fun sign attached to the rail road.