Saturday, June 5, 2010

A little update on my wonderful dog!

Well, Boone and I have been pretty busy these past couple of weeks. He has handled the change of all the GDB puppy sitting gigs I have had! So here is a nice collection of photos I have of the past couple of weeks!

Boone and I got a chance to get hands on help for Tracking/Scenting for a wonderful lady who has done Search and Rescue for three years in counting. With borrowed gear we set of and did a couple are a couple of pictures of him in harness...this harness is really meant to fit a much bigger dog then Boone but we worked it out.

Here is Boone on a walk...I just love the angle of the photo!

Boone catching kibble...if you look closely at this photo you can see the kibble flying into his mouth!

Boone playing with his beloved Pheasant.

Boone was helping me cook...if you again look closely you can see the chuck of cream cheese under his chin...what help when he is eating my ingredients.

Boone on another walk....he looks like such a puppy in this picture!

Boone getting a little tired after playing hard with his squeaky triangle.

I came out of the shower to find that he has comfortable wrapped himself up in my blankets looking at me with eyes that are saying "what is this not my bed?"