Monday, August 23, 2010

To Long!

So life has been kind of on the crazy side with work and all BUT now that school is starting things should simmer down a bit. I am doing well and still loving the work I do. Boone is loving work as well as he gets to come along and play (sadly I am not allowed to take pictures of him with the kids but the kids love him and he loves the kids). So here are some recent photos of my goofy boy.

Boone and a uncle was weeding the garden and out came a pepper. Boone thought it was a personal gift from the heavens :)
Boone starting to munch down the pepper.
Boone still nibbling but if I got to close he would pick it up and run away.
Here are some shots of Boone and his new collar that came in today. He was not a fan of getting his picture taken as it was taking away from his time looking out the window of the front porch.
Boone getting bored with me and just letting me know how he feels.
A little better...
I love my boy and how mature he is getting (this by NO MEANS means he is losing his goofy side) but he is more trust worthily, mature, and responsible. He keeps to himself and keeps himself entertained. He still loves to cuddle at night time and that is ok with me. His favorite thing as of late is playing tug with anyone who is willing to hold on. He loves having a male around as he is always playing and trying to cuddle with my uncle (though he still has no luck cuddling but I don't think he will ever give up). I will try to be more consistent putting up post! But for now I am out and off to work :)