Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well, I thought I would post some more pictures of Boone. I stole Megan's camara card and thanks to her these pictures exsist. We are still in Utah and have no plans on leaving anytime soon. Boone is a whole 45lbs (still). He loves Megan's house and her backyard (along with the neighboors yard that has horses, birds, a 3 dogs...). He knows where he is about 4 blocks before the house and will start whining and crying in the car well jumping for joy...which I am trying to stop cause its kinda of dangerious for the driver to have a dog jump on her.
We have been climbing...a little more spotty lately. So excited for this Friday (March 5th) to go and see Alice and Wonderland with a bunch of people. Well, thats about all these days I suppose. Nothing to exciting is going on....though it is getting warmer so maybe there will be spring hike pictures soon! Enjoy the pictures :)

Boone looking oh so defeted in a doggie b-day hat for Paris big number 1 ... heeheehee

Boone looking oh so nble on the back stoop.

Paris loves to run around with a stick and another dog holding onto it.

Boone and Paris with a stick.

Boone loves Megan's backyard....I think his faces says it all :)

Boone and his 1st girlfriend Paris running around like crazy dogs!

Boone and Sneek...his 2nd girlfriend...Paris will always be his first :)

Offically ready to come inside I think he has had enough for the time being.

I don't think he is to sure of this stuff.

One of Boone's 1st time in SNOW!