Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A new leaf :)

Well, I am starting to turn a new leaf. Yesturday I offically started a new diet. It is the HCG diet. I am starting it with a good friend of mine and her family. It is a 26 day cycle and the first two days (yesturday and today) are gorge days. Now taken a step back HCG is a pregnacey hormone found in the pee of women who are pregant. Sounds werid but they are just drops you put(10) under your tounge before every meal and let them disolve. Now, you gorge because you are tricking your body into think that it has enough fat so it does not need to store any. Then when I start my real diet (tomorrow) I can only eat 550 cal. over very specific portions and types. Then the HCG kicks in and eat away at my very extra storage fat. It was so hard to gorge becasue the drops make it so you are not hungry and these past two days I have felt sos sick because I feel over full! So why so much toruble....my friends aunt lost 35lbs in 26 days! You are suppose t lose anywhere from 20 - 40lbs. I am very excited to see what the actually results are for me but I know if I don't reach my full goal I can do another cycle 3 weeks after I end this one.
I track my weight and inch lose and I shall not post it on here but I will say that my end goal weight I would like to be like 160-150.
As for everything else that is going on. I am still jobless and on the hunt. I am really hoping to find on soon because I don't think I could really stand going into the army so please keep me in your whatever and lets just hope i get a job soon!
I am also hoping to stick around the Orem area and come September raise a Guide Dog for the Blind. I am interested in introducing Boone to a puppy. He gets a little touchy sometimes when dogs are super up in his face. Not that he would hurt them more of just growl and sometimes snap. So my friends dog is going to be the tester dog...and Boone will just start hangout on a leash and if all goes well after a while he can come off the leash. This will be the moment of truth on wither or not I will actually be able to raise a puppy.
So that's that and I shall post again soon because the other day I went to this great museum and I would love to post some pictures of that trip :)