Monday, March 8, 2010

Here are some more pictures that I had. I had my interview with No More Homeless Pets in Utah! I think it went very well and I hopefully will get a call back for the working Interview to make sure that it is a fit. I think that it is such a great company and that I would make a good fit.
Boone and I went for our first Spring Hike today. He was so happy he even went swimming in the river! Well maybe not so much swimming but he went in all by himself up to his belly (cause well that was how high the water was). He was just such a happy dog. He found a dead deer with his sniffer (which yes was very gross but he was so proud of himself), he ate some bugs, meet bikers, kids, people walking, and got to end it by splashing in a river. He is currently passed out under my feet. He had a very very busy day.
Got to end this day at Megan's , dinner with her family, cookies, gummie worms, jelly bellies, peanut butter pretzels, and the best coke on the world(made with cane sugar)! Well, Enjy the photos and I shall post more soon.
This is Boone after he got in trouble trying to suck up to me with those sad eyes :)

I think he is high off of Megan's backyard.

Running around like a mad man!

That nose hard at work.

Happy dog in the snow, he is always a very happy dog.

Boone and his Clifford! How he loves that boy.