Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life these days

So life just got a little bit interesting. I have officially for the first time in my life put in my two weeks. I just dont agree with what is going on here at Rock N dogs and so sadly for the customers I will be living. There are many people and dogs that I will miss but there are a few that I have set up puppy play dates with!

I don't know what comes next hopefully something amazing and a little more solid then what I had here. I am hoping to increase my pay a little as well cause everyone could use a little more money! So please keep your fingers crossed and say a little something that I get a job fairly quick!

Boone is doing wonderful. He is such a great boy I love him dearly! I am hoping by this time next year I will have another German Short Haired Pointer. I know I know another dog but I think Boone needs a friend and if I land one of these jobs I am applying for I should have my own place her in the next couple of months which would also be great. I mean its not bad where I am now but it would be nice for me and my dog to have a little space of our own. He does good with the kids most of the time he just doesn't like the rough and tough play the is happening all of the time. But oh well it is good for him I suppose.

Anyways, I shall keep a post of my next job and hopefully get a new and better paying job here in the next week.