Friday, May 7, 2010

My Good-Bye To Paris!

Well, Paris will be leaving Sunday so here are a handful of my favorite photo's. This dog has been a good part of my life and I feel like it was such an honor to meet a dog like this. I am sad to see her go and I can never imagine what Megan is about to go through giving her up to go to college. This dog is one of a kind, perfect, fun, silly, energetic, hard working, and very loving. I have very high hopes that this girl will make it as a guide because she loves to work so much...I swear it is programed into her!
She has tested my skills being the stubborn dog that she is and I am very glad to say that I possible have her respect these days :) Her devotion to her mother is so amazing...I am only starting to get that same devotion with my own (pet) dog!
She has been WONDERS for my dog. Boone is going to miss her soooo much. He is going to be so confused without her. My dog is very particular in who he lets close to him and he has liked her from day one. Paris has broken and eatten my dogs shy shell. He is getting tougher in his playing to keep up with the lab skills (though he still knows that bed is safety and every now and again will get up there to get a break from her :) )
I know I will cry when I say good-bye on sunday and experience a small part of what it will be like to give a dog away! I wish her the best of luck and I will wait with such hope and anticipation to hear from Megan how she is doing! Good Luck Paris, you are loved by many and we are all rooting for you! Hugs and Kisses, your friend Gabby and Boone :)

Close up of the silly girl!

Paris and Boone both in the front seat after we filled Megan's car with free kitchen items!

Megan, Paris, and Boone all cuddling in the hangy chair.

Boone and Paris's first winter, I think they might like it:) They would carry sticks around each holding onto it and just run in circles!

Paris and Boone playing rough and tough!

Paris and I cuddling.