Friday, May 7, 2010

Bridal Vail Falls Hike

Megan and I went to Bridal Vail Falls for Paris's last hike with us. Boone loves hiking and being in the outdoors just like Mom. I hope you all enjoy the photos :)

Boone was trying to tell Megan to drive faster by whinning the whole way there. Where Paris currled up next to him and fell asleep!

Boone refused to sit and so this was produced which is my favorite photo of the whole hike!

Boone and the falls :)

It was still very icey at the top and the plants and rocks were still covered in ice.

The Falls!

Paris and The Falls :)

Boone would lie down but not sit :) Silly Dog!

Boone got very scaried when I put him on this rock. I think it made him realize how high he actually was...poor guy :)

This was on the hike in and out and on the way out I decided I wanted a picture but he was down actually looking at the camera.

Finally, got a picture where he was actually looking at only took like 10 trys :)
Had so much fun and so did the dogs. They slept like babies and my poor guy got up the next morning and whined when he streched. I felt so bad but he is in much better shape now....he just needs to get back into summer hiking mode!