Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

So Halloween for me was spent at work! This was a great evening and I had such a blast! I hope you enjoy the photos and had a wonderful Halloween of your own!

Here are the gift bags we put together for all of the residents...filled with candy, toys, pencils and other odds and ends. We played games like musical chairs, bobbing for apples, and a skeleton relay. The clients had a wonderful night and Boone and I had a great night as well.

Here is Boone and I. I dressed as a Cave Women and Boone was my Dinosaur.

Here below are some of the pumpkins the residents carved...I think they did a wonderful job :)

Here is another photo of Boone and I.

More shots of Boone in his costume.

....Boone's true feelings about his costume.....

One of our residents carved a spider into their pumpkin and they got the whole spider out in one piece...I was very impressed!

I had a wonderful evening and such a great time with all of the residents. Boone though not liking his costume so much but he had a good time as well. Well...let the Holiday Season Begin!