Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ok...I know its been ages...I apologize :)

So, As it has been ages a lot has been happening. I have moved into a new apartment. It is a very cute small one bedroom one bathroom located in Sugarhouse region of Salt Lake City. Boone is loving his new home as it has a nice sized backyard and is also very conveniently located by the dog park! So please enjoy the photos below of my new place :)

Here is the front of the house. I am that front door and left side of the house. If you take a look to the right there is another entry and that is where my landlord lives!

Here is the backyard and on the other side of my fence is my landlords yard that I can run Boone in when I am he gets a lot of room to run...which we both love :)

This is the side yard which come spring I want to turn into dog land and keep the backyard to humans. We shall see what happens.

This is the living room...more photos to come after painting and I get all the furniture moved in. Here you can see I am still unpacking!

Here is my bedroom...Bedside.

Here is the other half of my bedroom...still in the works but I love the windows in this place :)

Here is the bathroom...nothing to interesting here.

Here is the kitchen...yes that is a doggie door folks!

And the other half of the kitchen.

So that is that. My small and cozy apartment. More photos to come as I slowly piece my place together.