Sunday, April 11, 2010

More from another GDB Meeting...and Boone with Friends :)

Well, I think its offical. I am in love with guide dogs :) I finally am taking more pictures at meetings and this one was at the mall where we had to do a scavenger hunt basied on dog distractions. I was a lot of fun and I got some good shots of some more dogs from out club!

Here is the Shy Spike...he refused to look at the camera.

Here is Christina she is 7 months old and just the cutiest little thing!

This is Meade...he is my second fav. after paris of course :)

Here was our compition group getting stopped by one of the severity guards. No worries we were not in trouble just the normal your dogs are cute and can I pet them kind of thing.

Here is Mosely. Megan is puppy sitting him this whole week and I love it becasue when we go out it gives me some more hands on work! He is such a silly little guy I love him.
So, here are some more pictures of my puppy! He is getting along great in his new home...he loves Megan and his whole family so much. Him and Megan's Dad are secertly very best buds...they have very cute moments together. It makes me happy he is in a house with people who love him almost as much as I do :)

Well, he is not happy with me here because I am training him to sleep on a bed next to my bed. He is use to being in my bed sbuggled right up next to he thinks he is being banned from everything in this world...poor guy :) He is doing so much better. I tell him go to bed and he does...and well me, I just love having the bed back to myself.

Oh, I love this one. Poor guy was so pittiful. We had a midnight (aka. 10 pm) run to McDonalds and we had to many people in the car so the dogs had to stay and we put Boone and Paris together and he about died. He loves paris but HATES kennels. Poor thing I think flying in a kennel from LA to UT has made him terrified of being put into kennels. He is getting better he just hates being left in them...he whines, it breaks my heart.

Megan and I were watching Criminal Minds and he fell asleep on his hedgie toy. So CUTE!

He was sucked into the chair...I just think this is a funny one. He had no idea what to do with himself.

Oh Paris! I am going to miss this girl! This was a Sunday moring watching Conference! She is so uber cute in this picture :)
Well, keep your eyes posted because I will soo have fun pictures of some kitchen goodies my parents are sending me for my new apartment that I am getting with Megan! I am very excited and can't wait to move in :)