Sunday, May 24, 2009

A trubite to my time at Hocking and to the People who made it AMAZING!

Hey Everyone! I am getting ready to head out and I just want to say thanks to everyone who have made my time at hocking such an amazing place.

Jeremiah Hunter and I in Chicago Scuba Diving at the Expo!

Jenni Smith Scuba Diving...good skill for a partner in crime to have:)

The Subway in Chicago...Oh Jeremiah Hunter.

Me in Adventure Leadership Class....ahhh backpacking as a class!

Jenni by the Water...

Tim and Me! We were twins that day! distracting her from her map work..hahaha

Jenni, Jill, and Myself! What a bunch of goof balls!

Craig! How can you not love a face like that :)

Jenni (The Eskimo) and Bryce (Rambo)
Halloween 2008

Amy (The Police Officer), Jenni ( The Eskimo) and Myself (The Candy Corn Witch)
Halloween 2008

Myself and Alex's newly decorated door..hehehe

My Jenni!

Myself, Jenni, Amanda, Tess, and Two Way!
Canada 2007

The Beginning of an Amazing Friendships with 3 Amazing People!
Jenni, Jeremiah, and Tim Oh how I love you all SO MUCH!
Canada 2007

There have been many more people in my life at hocking and you all have treated me great. I will miss everyone. I am so thankful for the bonds I have created and I only hope to further my friendships!