Sunday, December 19, 2010

Boone's 2nd BIRTHDAY!

Well, Boone is offically 2. I was very excited to be at work and have the kidos enjoy his birthday as well. He had a blast eating his cake and opening his presents....though he is still going for his ones under the tree at work. Enjoy the photos!

Boone's Birthday Cake (ask for the recipie and I can send it your way...all dog friendly!)

His big present...

His cake plus the 2 others for people!

Boone reeeaallllyyy wanting his cake....


mmmm....sooo good...

He is a very danty eatter....licks the topping first then the cake!

Still working on the frosting

A little help from Mom to get some of that cake down.

Opening one of his presents

Still trying to work on it

Got IT.....but the paper is following me....

His new dragon (he loves these toys!)

The last of the cake that got thrown out...happy dog.
He is becoming a wonderful dog and does so well with all the kids at work. I love him very much and he makes my days so much better. Happy Birthday big guy :)